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Clean Coal Technology

CC-88 combustion Catalyst product improves boiler efficiency through optimal combustion and maximal heat transfer. Significant return on investment is achieved by utilizing all available carbon in the fuel.

Throughout the world large coal fired utilities have had to consider the development costs of the latest carbon capture and sequestration project s. Many are questioning whether or not the new CCS clean coal technology are economically viable and even if the CO2 captured will stay permanently stored underground. Is this clean coal technology truly viable?

The real "clean coal technology" challenge is to find realistic ways to conserve coal and burn it cleaner. In 2011 coal is so abundant and inexpensive it is well recognized by energy experts to be a major source of energy for power plants and industrial development (cement plants and steel factories) for the next fifty years.

All experts will agree that coal is inherently dirty and contains large amounts of soot causing particulates and impurities, such as sulfur and nitrogen which contribute to causing acid rain. Coal emissions even have traceable levels of mercury and other toxic metals and carcinogens. Studies in the USA and China have concluded that coal emissions contribute to thousands premature deaths each year.

Is truly clean coal possible?

Coal itself will never be clean, it's made of black carbon and other dirty elements, however It is possible though to make coal emissions cleaner. Boilers burning coal all invariably accumulate hard and soft carbon and soot deposits over a period of time. These deposits act to insulate the boiler tubes disrupting heat transfer. Slagging, fouling, and plugging disturb the designed boilers gas flow which harms the boiler's efficiency and increases fuel usage.

Therefore an economical clean coal technology option is use of a combustion catalysts. CC-88 combustion catalyst helps conserve coal by consuming more of the available carbon content contained in every tonne of coal burned. CC-88 speeds oxidation. The combustion process is made faster and because of the lower ignition temperatures more carbon is consumed. CC-88 Coal Catalyst is a clean coal technology that helps eliminate incomplete and inefficient combustion, converting carbon waste into valuable and usable heat energy