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Return on Investment: Break-Even Point

Asia Coal Catalyst Company CC#88 is a remarkably inexpensive product.

CC-88 Return on Investment:

Typical Feed Rate Per Tonne: 0.25Kg to 2.0Kg/tonne

Typical Combustion Improvement: 15%

The “break-even” cost of our Clean Coal Catalyst used in the average boiler is equivalent to the fuel savings resulting from about 2-3 percent increase in overall boiler efficiency for the first 90 days when the fireside surfaces are quite dirty. After the initial 90-day fireside “clean-up” period, about one-half the original amount is normally required. This reduces the "break-even" cost to that equivalent to the fuel savings resulting from only about one half of one percent increase in overall boiler efficiency.

Your Return On Investment

The cost of using our CC-88 Clean Coal Combustion Catalyst to reduce air pollution is usually zero. Unlike most air pollution control devices installed on boilers, the comparatively small investment in clean coal catalyst per unit of fuel burned is usually returned many times over by fuel savings. In other words, reduction of air pollution is almost always one of the no-cost “fringe benefits” of our clean coal catalyst, which also applies to its safety-improvements, maintenance-saving, major repairs-saving, downtime for repairs, purchased power, reduced acid corrosion of metals of construction, and corrosion-inhibiting benefits.

With higher SO2 removal requirements, additional amounts of catalyst can be used, up to 10 Kg per tonne of coal, to obtain approximately 60 percent SO2 reduction. ACCC Clean Coal technology will also remove nearly 100 percent of the sulphur trioxide (SO3), a problematic acid-making compound. 0.5 Kilograms of CC#88 is normally used to catalyze one tonne of coal for control of slagging and fouling from unburned carbon waste.

Financial Benefits of Clean Coal

CC-88 clean coal combustion technology is used at an average feed rate of 0.5 kg / 1 tonne (1000kg) of coal. A user's financial breakeven point is measured by the cost per tonne of coal compared to the cost per kilogram of CC-88. ACCC approximates that a user would need a very small improvement to combustion efficiency of only 2-4% for users to see positive ROI. CC-88 users should see combustion improvement of 15%.

Fuel savings alone will more than pay for the cost of CC-88. A 15% improved combustion efficiency will equate into a 15% reduction in coal consumed in the furnace. CC-88 clean coal technology delivers the ability to use less fuel to achieve the same or even greater energy output from every tonne of fuel burned.

If users decide to maintain the same coal feed rate, their systems will produce more steam. CC-88 cleans their system and improves performance. Users will get more BTU's from the same amount of coal burned.

Why Clean Coal Catalyst Technology Is Your Best Option

Clean Coal Catalyst Technology employs a proprietary patented formula that has been continually tested, improved and optimized for over fifty years. Apart from the above mentioned benefits, Asia Coal catalyst is a dry sorbent that mixes readily with coal enabling the most simplistic cost-effective usage when compared with liquid and slurry catalysts. Liquid catalysts require more complex delivery systems, and liquid is far more difficult and costly to ship in bulk.