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Clean Coal Technology

Environmental advocates have long criticized coal as a fuel source for power generation because burning coal produces large amounts of pollutants, primarily sulfur dioxide (SO2), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), and particulate matter (PM10 & PM 2.5), as well as carbon dioxide (CO2), which is thought to be a major contributor to global warming.

Clean Coal Technology Benefits the Environment

CC-88 combustion catalyst’s clean coal technology addresses the major pollutants of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3), particulate matter (PM), and sulfur dioxide (SO2). The environmental benefits of CC-88 clean coal technology include cleaner air, reduced pollution, increased energy efficiency, enhanced energy security, and improved profitability through improved combustion efficiency and reduced maintenance overhead.

Clean Coal Technology Benefits the Boiler, Furnace and Boiler Equipment through Operation Cost Reductions

Clean coal technologies benefit the boiler. Our Coal Catalyst CC-88 will remove slagging and maintain a clean operating furnace system. To remove accumulated slag, a higher dose of CC-88 should be used initially for a period of 45 to 60 days. At the end of this period, the clean coal catalyst can then be reduced to its nominal designed feed rate and the slag will not form on heat transfer surfaces again. The coating of slag and hard carbon deposits inside boiler tubes will become a light friable material that is easily removed by compressed air during soot blowing instead of manual removal of hard carbon deposits.

Slagging of boiler tubes is very common for some types of coal. When this occurs, costly downtime is necessary to clean out the boiler components. In some instances, additional power needs to be purchased by a user to meet sufficient power requirements. With the use of CC-88 clean coal combustion catalyst, the cost incurred from added shut downs due to slagging and related maintenance can be eliminated as well as the cost of buying power to replace power lost during shut downs.

CC-88 Clean Coal Technology benefits the Bottom Line

CC#88 is a remarkably inexpensive product. A very small amount of CC-88 goes a long way to help save, improve emissions and reduce costs of burning coal. The typical feed rate per metric is .5Kg / 1 tonne; after an equilibrium is reached even less is needed, down to .25Kg / per 1 tonne of coal. Depending upon the existing efficiency of the combustion unit a user can expect to get as high as a 15% improvement to combustion efficiency, in some instances even much more.

The “break-even” cost of our Clean Coal Catalyst used in the average boiler is equivalent to the fuel savings resulting from about 2-3 percent increase in overall boiler efficiency for the first 90 days when the fireside surfaces are quite dirty. After the initial 90-day fireside “clean-up” period, about one-half the original amount is normally required. This reduces the “break-even” cost to that equivalent to the fuel savings resulting from only about one half of one percent increase in overall boiler efficiency.

The operational costs of using our clean coal technology, CC-88 Clean Coal Combustion Catalyst is usually zero. Unlike most air pollution control devices installed on boilers, the comparatively small investment in clean coal catalyst per unit of fuel burned is usually returned many times over by fuel savings. In other words, reduction of air pollution is almost always one of the no-cost “fringe benefits” of our clean coal catalyst, which also applies to its safety-improvements, maintenance-saving, major repairs-saving, downtime for repairs, purchased power, reduced acid corrosion of metals of construction, and corrosion-inhibiting benefits.

Fuel savings alone will more than pay for the cost of CC-88. A 15% improved combustion efficiency will equate into a 15% reduction in coal consumed in the furnace. CC-88 clean coal technology delivers the ability to use less fuel to achieve the same or even greater energy output from every tonne of fuel burned.